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Paracord Bracelet – Ultimate Survivor

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Whether you’re lost in a garden centre in the south of England or lost in the Alaskan wilderness, with this Ultimate Survival Bracelet you will most likely find your way back home.

Made with the highest quality paracord for strong secure knots. In its durable buckle you can find an integrated compass, emergency whistle and magnesium rod and fire starter combination for the more serious survival situations.

Pick your preferred color, order & receive the package, start wearing it and go explore the wilderness. Getting lost has never been so convenient.

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Bracelet size: 23cm / 9 in.
Max. length of rope: 3m / 9.8 ft.
Max. weight on rope: 400kg / 882 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg

Army Green, Black, Camouflage, Dark Camouflage


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